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Great Podcast, just found it so i`m overdosing from it on the way to work and in spare time.

Mistake Nª1 must be the most common, I found it irresistable to fight every post and topic, now I know!

Regards from Chile

Question: Have you had a answer to perayr recently? Do you have a perayr request?Well once 2011 rolled around for January I made a decision to actually follow through on my resolutions for the new year Since we are still in January and WE ALL HAVE A CHANCE to still follow through on those resolutions I thought this was an appropriate story of reaching out. In my heart since our finances have become more secure, my husband started having steady reliable work I finally had the chance of taking classes in things that I was interested in and to go to college and take some upgrading classes, grow and to learn as an educated empowered woman. Which I am really passionate in. The other resolution I had was to put my husband first, submit, allow him to take control of the finances, and to love him with a love that he deserves You see I was tired of working all the time to pay the bills and making all these huge sacrifices and LOOSING the most important resource in our family that we couldn't get back just like the paycheck I had just made TIME. I know this sounds like a martha stewart tv episode but I made dinner for him, I cleaned the house, and I greeted him at the door with a kiss. And the most important part of new resolution was that I was going to do all these things and be joyful in it. The joyful thing I realised around Christmas I made an entire christmas dinner and I sung and smiled and was happy the whole time. I thought of my new words as SWEET GIFTS wrapped in silver boxes rather than a harsh tone of voice, fatigue soaked and burdened to this world, I took a new approach sure I was tired but I was gonna be happy I did it.So the most important part was reaching to the closest people in the world to me, MY HUSBAND, and I truly believe that you must start with your family first to really feel the difference of reaching out. I mean you must create a warm loving environment where the spirit of love grows so that they also want to reach out. Now he is doing school, becoming better, making friends (which was incredibly hard for him before) and learning to TRUST and to give Christ to others.NEXT STEPS: community around us, then the world

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