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Geez, haven't even gotten into listening to your co-host yet and this podcast got me thinking-- a out your comment about podcasts killing radio. We're not there, but the historical comparison w/ what TV did to radio is interesting. I elaborated--http://gischeleman.com/2007/04/24/will-podcasts-kill-the-radio-star/-- , and also took the opportunity for a gratuitous Jack Benny photo insert. Great podcast as always!


I've been reflecting on your comments in this episode about how mainstream newspapers are using PPC to bid on topical keywords to drive traffic to their stories.

Just to be clear, was it the fact that they were bidding on keywords relating to this particular incident that you thought was insensitive, given it was so raw, or the principle itself of using PPC to promote a story.

My company recently suffered some bad PR and I was angered to say the least when one of the UK newspapers began bidding on some our protected brand terms in order to drive traffic to the story in question.

I'm not drawing any parallels her between our incident and the events in Virginia, but I would appreciate your view on if and when you think this activity would be justified.

After all if I were to play devils advocate here for the press (not easy), what is the difference between this and promoting the same headline on a placard in the street ?

Look forward to hearing you views...

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