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Just got your email via Adam Broitman. I'm glad to see a number of us are getting upset enough about the "ownership" of the "pod" concept to take action. If you'd like to start a petition to either a) enforce the commonality of the term "pod" or, even more beneficially, b) rename the "podcasting" field with a broader term (netcasting? webcasting?), I'll sign up today.


Beats me why, but ATS #56 does not show up in iTunes. Seems to be in the Feedburner feed though...

Hey Joseph. I went to the Podcast Expo and met Shel Holtz at Eric Schwartzman's PR geek dinner. I didn't really get the chance to talk to him, but that would have been a great conversation (the podcast name thing).
Adam's comments did make me mad and I unsubscribed to him and deleted DSC from my blogroll. I get more good information from you than from him. Now you say this was all a test we all had to pass?

To riff on the Chase thing, that remindms me of John Moore's Tribal Truth 33, The Employee Experience Matters http://tribalknowledge.biz/discussion-tribal-truths/33-the-employee-experience-matters/

I love the shorter format. 30 to 40 minutes is perfect to me, anything over an hour is way too much.

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