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Hi guys, I was introducing my friend to your podcast today. Being lazy, I told her to go to acrossthesound.net. It turns out that we can't access the site without 'www' in the front.

Just thought I'd let you know. Love your podcast, keep it coming!

Joe, I'm all the way here in Malaysia, but if I agree to review your book, will you send me a copy? I can already guess the answer but I thought I'd just ask ;o)

Oooops, I left you guys a comment of more than 5 minutes long...

Another piece of evidence that learning by doing is really the only way to get a good understaning of blogging/podcasting.

"...hence our ability to take a breather, which I guess is ok 'cos this is podcasting, not terrestrial radio after all."

Well, if it's OK in podcasting, why isn't it OK in radio? On on the stage, for that matter.

Guys, you do great, well done! And it's early days for this technology, and everyone doing it is currently an amateur.

But please do remember that the best is always unremitting. The show must go on.

Best wishes
Andrew Denny

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